Dem Rep Jayapal Applauds Autonomous Zone: ‘Occupations Of Buildings…A Very Effective Tactic’


One democrat after another has been given the opportunity to condemn the violence and takeover of police stations and other buildings, yet to this day not one has in fact done it. On the contrary they applaud this new more violence incarnation of Occupy as Rep Jayapal does here…

Making matters worse this United States Representative went even further to condemn the action taken against the “protesters” – unhinged violent Leftists. Listen to her, she wants the fires, looting, assaults etc as rails against the use of the National Guard, rubber bullets, tear gas etc.

This is the modern democrat party – the party of violence, intimidation, lawlessness. Go ahead sit home, let your angry family and friends sit home election day giving this monster, Biden, AOC, Pelosi, et al power over the entire country.