BLM Starts Riot at Dallas Restaurant Attacking Customers and Staff


Civil, respectful, law-abiding Americans with probably differing political views were having a nice night out at a Dallas restaurant until a bunch of unhinged violent Leftist BLM terrorists showed up started a riot attacking customers and the staff.

Don’t know who the man is that filmed this (if you know please post in comments), but his narration of what happened and what we’re witnessing, ‘This is Cultural Marxism,’ is dead on.

BLM is causing chaos and carnage across the country because they hate the USA,and think if they do enough people will eventually give in to their terrorism – as many people, organizations, sports teams and companies have already done.

These Leftists are bullies and the time has come to deal with them. Someone showed us all how to deal with bullies that this site has been hesitant to share, but before that happens the question you need to ask yourself is: what are you prepared to do?

full vid