Black Trump Supporter Executed in Milwaukee


This should be a surprise for a lot of people to see because the media is not going to run the story since it goes against their narrative. Bernell Trammell, a black Trump supporter, was executed in Milwaukee and of course Hollywood, the media, Democrat Party aren’t going to talk about it, and you can be damn sure Black Lives Matter won’t say a word let alone hold a protest either!

Bernell Trammell, 60, was shot and killed on Thursday afternoon outside his office in Riverwest
Murder of black Trump supporter Bernell Trammell spurs call for federal investigation

You can call it a cultural war, civil unrest, but the truth of the matter is we ARE in a WARM Civil War. The acts of violence committed by the Left (YES, we don’t know anything about who pulled the trigger against Trammell, give it time), destruction of private/public property, intimidation and cancel culture are far worse today than the later 1850’s. It is only a matter of time until the shooting starts, and this site’s money is on Portland being ground zero. We will have more Bernell Trammells across the country until people who say “enough” under their breath and behind closed doors go very loud publicly. The longer people are silent the worse things will get, empowering the Left and evildoers to kill and destroy.