Fox News Cuts Away From WH Presser Showing Portland Violence


Fox News has aired plenty of videos of riots, terrorist attacks, and other acts fo violence and tragedy (many times live). Their shift to the Left, this site explained following fmr host Trish Regan’s termination, was confirmed today following their coverage of WH Press Sec Kayleigh McEnany daily briefing as she “forced” reporters to watch raw video of the violence taking place in Portland the press pool REFUSES to cover or makes light of. Fox apparently has become a new moral authority of what can be aired or not as they cut away from the briefing showing footage ALL Americans should see (esp those considering voting for democrats), where host Harris Faulkner stated, ‘all right we were not expecting that video and our management here at Fox News has decided we will pull away from that’.

This is a load of bull, for a network who goes out of their way to have people on the ground ASAP following a tragedy or major news event. They were all over the riots, airing them as they unfolded with people cursing, committing assault, looting you name it.

Don’t be upset or surprised by Fox breaking away, the daytime lineup’s hostility and negative coverage of the Trump admin has been increasing for a while. Fox wants to be more PC, appear more in the center (not really) to attract CNN, MSNBC and the other networks viewers to make up for the viewers they are losing right now and will lose after the Trump presidency.

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