CA Couple Has MORE GUTS Than the Entire GOP Combined!


Nicole Anderson and David Nelson are facing hate crime charges for covering up GRAFFITI on a Martinez, CA street. As you know the US is under siege by radical unhinged violent Leftists destroying historic statues and monuments, rioting, looting.. (you know the drill) driven by the MARXIST organization Black Lives Matter, as well as several others.

The couple appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to make their case as to why they did what they did painting over an alleged Black Lives Matter “mural”, where in a nutshell they’ve had enough of whats going on and someone has to stand up to these monsters dividing and destroying America.


Two average Americans, living in a socialist state surrounded by radicals, have done what the men and women we elected to serve in DC have failed to do – STAND UP FOR THE COUNTRY, and AGAINST the radical democrat machine. These two have more guts than EVERY SINGLE member of the GOP combined. They both are willing to put their careers and livelihood on the line for their country but you DON’T see any member of the GOP doing that do you.

No, no, sure we see this Representative and that Senator on tv or calling into a radio show waving the Flag, condemning the Left but that’s it. The GOP had done NOTHING to put a stop to the destruction other than talking our ears off – OH and you can be sure they’ll ‘demand a hearing to get to the bottom of it all’ which will result in nothing too!

Have you seen ANY member of the GOP who talks big about Saving the Republic standing between a statue/monument and unhinged violent Leftists wanting to tear them down?

Have you seen ANY these tough talking GOP members standing between a line of Police officers and unhinged violent Leftists calling them killers, all kinds of vile crap and condemning them?


Why? Because the GOP are a bunch of PUSSIES who do just enough to get elected. We need more people like Nicole and David in govt and less of the POS’s in DC who make empty promises while they ALSO stab Pres Trump in the back!!

It’s time to rise up America against both parties. We not only have to get these hateful destructive democrats out of power but also the spineless worms within the republican party who have become what the democrats were 30-40+ years ago.

If there is a GoFundMe set up for Nicole Anderson and David Nelson please post it in the comments.