Pelosi Confirms Dems Don’t Care About Violent Mobs Tearing Down Statues


Nancy Pelosi is the top democrat in Congress. To this day none of the democrats have ever spoken out against the destruction of statues and monuments (good or bad) by violent Leftist mobs across the USA. Here the Speaker of the House, THIRD in line for the Presidency, more or less confirms dems support tearing down the statues and monuments by trivializing the violent acts stating ‘people will do what they do.’

Democrats HATE this country, and welcome what these monsters are doing, accomplishing far more than they ever could from their seats of power.

A LOT of you better wake up to the danger this country is in if Donald Trump loses in November. The violence will be a common occurrence. Destruction of historic sites will continue at an accelerated rate, dwarfing what the Taliban and ISIS did to major historic sites. Life in this scamdemic lockdown will be permanent, along with the tyrannical policies from dems in power.