2 Vids Prove Biden is a Hot Mess, Incapable of Being President


What do you call Joe Biden’s run for president? Elder abuse! These 2 clips from his interview with the National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists should be the final straw in his campaign. In a sane world it would, but because dems KNOW there are unengaged uninformed voters who elected the last guy offering socialism they’re pushing ahead with his candidacy.

In this first clip Biden is asked about trade with China where he goes into an incoherent rant and started talking about the WHO

This second video he addressed his cognitive state, trying to explain why he won’t take a test insulting the interviewer, being so sound mentally he can’t even speak!

This man is mentally unqualified to be president, shame on his family allowing it to go this far. If elected Joe will truly be a puppet president to the DNC and radical wing of the party (AOC+4 (!, yeah one just dethroned Rep Clay in a primary. Didn’t know that did you?), Sanders, Warren, Pelosi, Schumer). The VP will be the defacto President calling most of the shots until Biden steps down or SHE invokes the 25th Amendment to remove him.

Three months America to stop this guy from being elected, and just understand as stated earlier voters  fell for the socialism thing in 2008 & 2012, there’s nothing from stopping them being that stupid again.