Pelosi: Children ‘Will Become Homeless’ Because of the Republicans

Nancy Pelosi is truly a driving force behind the hate and vitriol coming from the Left against the President and republicans. Dems have been accusing the GOP of committing just about every crime imaginable from wanting dirty water, dirty air, Americans to die for just about any reason from the covid nonsense, to blocking major gun control, or the attempted repeal of obamacare. Pelosi set the bar lower again that the GOP will be responsible for children who ‘will become homeless’ due to the childish bickering going on over the next covid economic relief bill, as many Americans without paychecks are facing evictions.

What Pelosi fails to mention is that the bill is taking so long because DEMOCRATS are again trying to load the bill up with all their socialist nonsense as well as bailouts for democrat controlled cities/states that were in major economic turmoil BEFORE the virus ever hit. Why should tax payers in Texas be on the hook for the bad economic decisions in Detroit, New York City or California? These democrat leaders wasted money on nonessential social programs free stuff for all and now that everything is shut down they want YOUR MONEY to cover their bad financial decisions!

If anyone ran a business, or their job like the democrats have done you would be fired. But in the democrats imaginary world the taxpayers are responsible and it’s all the mean GOP and Orange Man’s fault give us money.

Simple solution to the housing issue/any installment payments right now is to tack the payments on the back end of the loan, rental/ lease agreement etc. You’re still on the hook for the money, but instead of being done in August you’re on the hook until Sept, Oct or Nov etc, AND NO lump sum payments are due. Yours truly drew something like this up in 2008 during the housing crisis, before the election, to stop the foreclosures and sent it to a certain Senator. Had he used it getting a bill passed it would have allowed lenders to create/add a rider to loan agreements, I won’t go into detail, which would have won him the 2008 election and saved A LOT of people major financial grief. Similar thing can be done now for whatever types loans and payments due. NO ONE needs to lose their home or get evicted, the lenders and banks just need to change the terms that’s it!

Did Pelosi and company come up with anything like this? NOPE. Why? Because children being homeless sells and gets votes! This is what happens when you insist on not voting allowing democrats to rise to power and destroy everything they touch while dividing the nation.