Biden: Illegal Immigration “Enriching” America, Pandemic An Opportunity For Amnesty


Make no mistake if Joe Biden wins in November he will move very quickly on illegal immigration, as he vowed he would do day one of his regime. He knows, based on the California model, pandering to illegals is the gateway to permanent one party rule. Amnesty is the dems number one to-do item if this do nothing corrupt career politician wins.

If illegals enrich America why are so many unemployed syphoning off of social welfare programs set up for US citizens? They drive wages down, which takes jobs away from Americans and makes finding a low wage job much harder. If they’re so proud to be here why not apply for citizenship and do it the right way like MOST Americans and their families?

The only enriching illegals provide is to the Left who USES them for power and SLAVE LABOR. Someday someone with a voice/ large audience and wide reach is going to spell this out to all illegals especially the hispanic community. The dems are just using them in the same way they USED Black Americans. Now that many Blacks are waking up the dems have pivoted to illegals mainly hispanics to replace Blacks!

[Joe can’t even read a script right in front of him without screwing up. This man is not mentally fit to serve as President. He screws this up can you imagine what he will do dealing with North Korea, China, Russia and middle east!?]

As for using the pandemic to get amnesty through, that should tell you all you need to know about the scamdemic. It’s NOT the virus from The Walking Dead or The Stand, nor the bubonic plague the Left is making it out to be. It’s a highly contagious strain of flu, that is no more lethal to relatively healthy people than the seasonal flu. Covid has been weaponized by dems who are showing their true fascist/ authoritarian selves every single day.

A vote for Joe is a vote for illegal aliens, and no end to this lockdown they’ll use to take all your rights away.