Antifa, the Dem’s “Peaceful Protesters,” Harass and Bully Elderly Women


Since the democrat party has emphatically refused to condemn the violence, riots, assaults etc committed by their followers, these “peaceful protesters” has been emboldened to go after anyone who crosses them, including elderly women!

A HARMLESS woman, who uses a walker, just wanted to put out the fire the monsters started before it turned into a blaze as we’ve seen since June. But NO, the monsters won’t even allow that. And then dumping paint and screaming in another woman’s face! REALLY, do you antifa feel like you’re winning hearts and minds?

This is disgusting in excusable behavior by these bona fide monsters. These women are harmless and defenseless against the dem party’s foot soldiers. Frankly, they should be thanking their lucky stars Patriots were not around because these heinous acts would have justified a physical response like this..

A day of reckoning is coming for antifa and whatever else these Leftist bullies call themselves.

To the alleged sleeping majority out there – we now have old ladies doing what YOU should be doing. What are you waiting for?