Trump Outsmarts Reporter’s Complaint Over Not Social Distancing: This is a Peaceful Protest

Pres Trump held a presser, at his Bedminster, NJ club, about the Executive Orders he will issue because Congress has failed to act to help Americans financially strapped due of covid. After he completed his speech he took questions from the media where one attempted to be a smartass asking why many in attendance (Club members sat in on the presser) were not practicing proper social distancing? Well, Trump handled this with masterful skill turning the tables on this reporter as well as the other democrat political activists calling the event a ‘peaceful protest,’ citing NJ law (remember its a dark blue state) which apparently allows “political activity or peaceful protest”!


The media is corrupt they deserve to be treated like this at every opportunity and it’s really when Trump is at his best. It was spot on and truly gangster! The guys that run Atilis Gym should just hold political rallies and peaceful protests to get around Gov Murphy’s tyrannical lockdown orders.