Leftists Announce Plans to ‘Lay Siege to The White House’


Because nothing has really been done against the unhinged violent Left over the last 2+ months, who have terrorized Americans in major cities, they have become quite emboldened. These radical Leftist revolutionaries, who go back to organizing Occupy, recently tried to set up a CHOP zone in DC, but their spontaneous operation was quickly stopped by law enforcement. The monsters are making another go of it, in what can only be considered as a direct threat…

Sept 17th is the 9yr anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, this siege will be a “show” put on by these monsters as the election season kicks off running to Nov 3.

Knowing how POTUS and the govt reacted a few weeks ago these monsters won’t be permitted to establish any encampment close to the White House, but that won’t stop them from occupying an area close to it in DC. Since other occupations have been stopped we can be sure plenty of violence will ensue between these communists, marxists, anarchists or whatever in the hell these monster are calling themselves. What they want is to cause an event close to the election near the White House to use against Trump, to win voters for Biden. Joe is a just an empty vessel doing whatever he is told; we’ve already seen him adopt Bernie Sanders, Beto and AOC’s destructive platforms which are the also the revolutionaries, as his own. All they care about is winning no matter what the cost, and are prepared to fight as we seen in Portland, Minneapolis and other cities.

Americans need to take a stand against these PRIVILEGE WHITE LIBERALS. The Silent Majority must wake up as they did in Colorado, and literally stand in front of the police while staring down these spoiled rotten entitlement brats.

Days of sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone to come along and do it is over, and have been for a long time. You did nothing while obama and his ilk terrorized this nation – NO ONE rose up against him. Trump go elected and has been fighting them since, he needs help YOUR HELP… it’s time – ‘Let’s Roll’