Nashville Council Member Wants Murder Charges For Non-Mask Wearers


You want more proof this virus is not all it’s been hyped up to be, that it’s been weaponized by Leftists leaders to control people? Nashville Councilwoman Sharon Hurt, proposed charging people who don’t wear masks for murder!

What Hurt is saying here is if one who has a disease like HIV and deliberately passes it to someone without telling them they’re positive can be charged for a criminal act then so should someone who doesn’t wear a mask potentially spreading covid… She wants to charge people for murder for a virus which has a 99.98% survival rate.

The Left swears up and down Pres Trump is a dictator but who is implementing all these abusive lockdown rules and penalties? Democrats are. They know what they’re doing, and have established a level of fear through all these penalties of fines, jail time and now murder charges if you do not comply with their orders.

People need to stand up to these monsters and vote them out of office. How any sane rational democrat voter can sit back supporting these people and power grabs is mind boggling but also quite concerning. They put party over country and sanity in every election.