Biden: Illegal Immigration Makes the US ‘Strong’


Not sure what’s more offensive and concerning in this clip of Biden, saying:
– On day one he’s going to send legislation to Congress for amnesty for all the ILLEGAL aliens in the US
– Or, that illegal aliens make the US ‘strong’…

Pushing amnesty on day one should be the most concerning for two reasons:
#1 Joe said on “day one” which means it’s already drafted! By whom?? What’s in it, because dems never do anything on the small scale? There’s probably all kinds of directives to downsize the Border Patrol, cease deportations including of those who have committed crimes and the dismantling of the Border Wall.
#2 This is the dems master plan to have permanent one party rule. They are taking what they learned from California and will apply it nationwide guaranteeing republicans never hold majority power ever again. What the dems have done over the last 3+ years, not to mention last 6mos will be the new normal for the US.

Choice is yours America, vote and get every one of like mind out to vote against the fundamental transformation of America or give Donald Trump another four years to clean the mess up.