Rep Jayapal Admits Dems Didn’t Allow AG Barr to Speak Because He Would Waste Time


For months the democrats have been railing against Atty Gen Barr, wanting him to appear before them to explain himself, threatening to impeach him. They hold the hearing calling Barr to appear and deliberately stop him from answering any of their questions because according to this Sea Hag Barr being a hostile witnesses would be ‘very slow in your answers, to thank the congress members for that excellent question, to not answer to obfuscate.’

Is it really wasting time obfuscating or the fear of each and every one of these closet communists being taken to task? They didn’t want answers, they wanted to dictate and have him agree. They also wanted clips they can use in campaign ads to use against Pres Trump and the GOP. Everything dems do is about staying in power, and winning the 2020 election.

Go ahead sit home, let friends and family sit home election day ceding more power to this Sea Hag and her ilk.