Warren: Pandemic Opened Door For Democrats & Biden To Restructure America


Lizzy Warren is very excited over the potential of a Biden presidency. She’s quite confident if Joe wins and dems hold the House, win the Senate (producing a supermajority) ‘a door has opened’ via the China Flu for them to restructure America!

This communist in less than 40 seconds just proved democrats HATE the USA and are hell-bent on destroying it, and that the virus was nothing but a vehicle to implement their radical agenda; we’re already getting a test run of.

If you’re okay being silenced from speaking your mind, surrendering your weapon to protect yourself, family and property, giving up the majority of money you make, getting attacked for having opposing political beliefs, being told what you can and can’t do then by all means vote for Joe. Just understand a vote for Joe is really a vote for Warren, Sanders, AOC +3 running everything. Joe is just a figurehead, in all likeliness he will be removed by his VP (Kamala Harris!?) before his first term is up via 25th Amendment.

Anyone sitting this election out is a vote for Joe too. No one can say their life got worse under Trump, but it will under Biden.