AOC: “We Cannot Go On” Thinking Illegal Immigration “Is Wrong”


AOC held a fundraiser for undocumented essential workers where she stated ‘we cannot go on with kind of these xenophobic narratives that undocumented people are somehow wrong’.

First off, there is NO such thing as an “undocumented worker,” let alone deeming them “essential workers”. Saying undocumented suggests said individuals have legal status to be in the United States but their papers are lost, tied up in red tape or the dog ate them. They are here ILLEGALLY, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS.

As for the essential worker tag, NO. The companies employing them are breaking the law and should be punished. Also these people have taken jobs from American citizens, by driving wages down to where only they are willing to accept because they live in packs and share the living costs. DON’T EVEN TRY TO DEBATE THE ISSUE WITH YOURS TRULY, I once worked in home lending and saw the games they played to get around the system.

Did AOC’s “undocumented workers” enter the US legally? NO, it’s a crime to enter the US illegally!

Is it illegal to employ illegal aliens? YES

As for this United States Congresswoman, someone should let AOC know it is a federal crime to aid, as in hold a fundraiser, illegal aliens!

If Biden wins in Nov this monster will get every single one of her policies enacted from the Green New Deal to full amnesty for illegal aliens. God only knows what role she will have in a Biden adminis.. regime, but it won’t be good for Americans.