NJ Gov Sends His THUGS to Arrest Atilis Gym Owners


Welcome to the United Police States of America

Tyrant Gov Murphy sent thugs to arrest the owners of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr,NJ for violating his ridiculous scamdemic orders. Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti have become a real thorn in Tyrant Murphy’s side, outsmarting him week after week to where he is now truly acting like a dictator (you know doing what the Left accuses Trump of being)…

3 days before the arrest Ian Smith posted this vid about the gym losing its court case BUT they had changed their company status from a Limited Liability Corp (LLC) to a Private Membership Association (PMA), which is a loophole they found and weaponized against TYRANT Murphy. Clearly Governor Tyrant didn’t like that so he sent his thugs to arrest them early today anyway, but from the sounds of it when a judge hears this in court Murphy will lose.

These lockdown orders are destroying small business owners. Why is it okay for Big Box brand stores/ businesses to be open but not small businesses? Atilis was taking all precautions necessary to ensure their and members safety, but at every opportunity the State has done everything in its power to shut them down… over a bug that is no more lethal to generally healthy people than the seasonal flu! The actual science the media and Medical State are suppressing doesn’t support the lockdown, mandatory masks etc.

After Police Refused to Enforce Lockdown to NJ Gym Owner They Returned With Court Summons

JUST WASH YOUR G-D HANDS before you touch your face or anything you frequently use. In other words if people would just practice proper hygiene we wouldn’t have anything to worry about!

This site supports GOOD Cops, but the ones who are enforcing this lockdown bullshit, arguing they’re just doing their job are the same ones who will gladly go door-to-door confiscating weapons if the order is ever given.

Just a month ago they arrested a guy for working out at Atilis.

And they wonder why everyone is going after them?! These jerks should refuse to carry out these illegal orders and focus on the unhinged violent monsters terrorizing our country.

It is time for the people of this country to revolt in mass civil disobedience! STOP WEARING THE MASKS, OPEN UP YOUR BUSINESSES, GO BACK TO YOUR NORMAL LIVES because the TYRANTS can’t arrest 1000’s, 10000’s, 100,000’s hell whole towns/ cities/ states! WE OUTNEMBER THEM AND IT IS TIME TO FLEX THAT POWER!