After Police Refused to Enforce Lockdown to NJ Gym Owner They Returned With Court Summons

Many Americans today watched Bellmawr, NJ police refuse enforce Tyrant Gov Murphy’s illegal executive lockdown order for Atilis Gym. Owner Ian Smith and his partner had taken all the necessary precautions for their members but it wasn’t good enough as police returned later in the day issuing court summons and threatening arrest.

Good cops would’ve ignored the orders after seeing what the gym owners were doing to protect their members and keep their business open, but these guys they’re “just following orders” like other liberal stormtroopers across the country. What you have to understand from every single incident like this is there is no difference between bad cops enforcing these executive orders to close businesses to knocking on doors to confiscate weapons in the name of “public safety”.

Everyday the Scamdemic goes on the worse it gets for many Americans under the thumb of Leftist tyrants who are drunk with power and demonstrating what life will be like if they ever get total control in DC.

The only way to combat these tyrants is through acts of civil disobedience like you saw today, as well as other business owners defying these orders. If EVERYONE goes back to normal life, while practicing proper hygiene and all the nonsense to not spread the bug theres nothing these monsters in power can do. We’re not talking about couple hundred people and some businesses here and there. We’re talking EVERYONE because these tyrants can’t arrest an entire state let alone the country.

People say they want to take America back, well if you can’t even open up again defying these baseless orders how in the hell do you think you’ll take the country back!?