Trump Unloads on 0bama: ‘He Was an Incompetent President Who Did a Terrible Job’


Tell us how you really feel Mr President! Honestly, Trump could’ve gone on for a while if he wanted to. 0bama is the worst president in US history, that this site has documented for 10 years. Say what you want about Trump and the words he uses, but the man produces results. And all those alleged illegal actions he took, the Left has whined about, were perfectly legal. Trump was acting within the rule of law unlike obama who violated the law repeatedly during his reign of terror. Case in point DACA, 0bama stood in the Rose Garden and admitted it wasn’t legal on June 15th 2012 while also saying it was a temporary even though it has been treated like law ever since.

Darth Hussein has had legit scandals under his belt vs the ones Trump has been accused of that never held water. Russian hoax has been fully exposed, impeachment failed. You do know Stormy Daniels admitted the affair never happened right? Whereas Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Green Energy scam, DOJ spying on reporters, IRS targeting conservatives etc are legit costing the US billions, and in some cases American lives!

That said it’s quite upsetting to hear AG Barr isn’t expecting a criminal investigation into obama and Biden for the role the played in trying to remove Pres Trump from office. We KNOW obama called the shots, as pointed out here, and now he won’t be held accountable. Presidents are not kings nor God’s they aren’t untouchable when they commit crimes. At the least 0 should be investigated, maybe POTUS can change Barr’s mind.