AG Barr Doesn’t Expect Investigations of 0bama or Biden

AG Barr announced he doesn’t anticipate an investigation against obama or Biden regardless of the fact they were deeply involved in the Russia hoax. First and foremost we have the Strzok/Page text msgs where it’s spelled out obama wanted to know EVERYTHING. Next his Chief of Staff and Biden are two of the dozen plus individuals on the unmasking list of obama regime members who requested Gen Flynn’s name unmasked. Then we have Sally Yates who is on record she was surprised obama knew about the calls (How could he know if he wasn’t a player?) and IMO the smoking gun is Clapper admitting 4 times obama gave the order to spy on Trump… BUT no investigation!?


While the news seemed promising, I have warned not to get your hopes up that Barr and Durham will  deliver justice to Pres Trump but also the American people. Understand that the previous sitting President admin worked overtime to unseat the duly elected President because their candidate lost the election. You want motive for all of this and a reason to investigate: Had she been elected she WOULD HAVE BURIED EVERYTHING THEY WERE DOING. These people including obama are dirty, clearly engaged in bloodless coup but no investigation.

With this news you should prepare yourself for the high possibility high ranking regime members Brennan (who IMO ran the operation), Clapper, Comey, Rice, McCabe (DOJ already cut him loose) won’t be held accountable. When and if that happens, it will be confirmation this country is a banana republic.