Bellmawr NJ THUGS Arrest Man For Working Out


Welcome to the United Police States of America

That title says it all doesn’t it!? There are many stories floating around about the recent example of tyranny concerning a young guy getting arrested at Atilis Gym in Bellmawer, NJ but none of them really spell out it so simply. It should terrify people there are cops, following unconstitutional orders from tyrannical governors, arresting and fining people for simply working out!
I’ll say it again, they were working out in a gym that is using all safety protocols “essential” businesses are using! It was reported the man was allegedly being confrontational with the thugs, that’s his right and knowing how bad cops act they hit him with a disorderly and “interfering with a police investigation” charge they love to use.

We have actual criminals on the streets (governors cut loose because of the virus) stealing, assaulting, raping, and killing people because the police are wasting their time and taxpayer money arresting people for working out, going to parks, the beach etc, yet it’s ok for people to be in supermarkets and big box stores! And that is why this site rightfully identifies these cops as thugs and bad cops, hell they’re modern day Gestapo who know better. The insanity and hypocrisy is off the charts and it proves the way this bug has been handled is a complete scam for Leftists power grabs.

This nonsense has to end NOW before people get hurt. There are a lot of people who have had enough of this. We did what they asked, flattened the curve, it was only supposed to be a couple weeks not months or indefinitely in some cases “until theres a vaccine or cure”.


On a personal note I grew up one town over from Bellmawr. I also trained at Atilis when it was in Westmont (it is long gone). Anyway it’s highly possible I know one or two cops and if I see them the next time I’m in town I will them to their faces they’re bad cops because most of people I grew up around weren’t raised to be modern day Gestapo. Radical leftism and enforcing unconstitutional orders was laughed at, then again we’re talking about a generation that grew up in the time before, way back in the 1900’s,when everything was cool. It’s very upsetting to see this happen where you grew up especially when todays generation accepts this kind of authoritative abuse.

One thing I do know, whether it’s Bellmawr, San Diego, Dallas or Madison WI, things are going to eventually heat up to a breaking point. You bad cops out there don’t understand what you’re getting yourselves into. You will be outnumbered and outgunned. What you’re doing is wrong, it’s illegal (executive orders are NOT laws), and unconstitutional. Other good cops, who have served overseas, have warned you’re picking a fight you will lose. Stand down.