Mika Has Meltdown Over Tweet Wants Twitter to Ban President Trump


If you ever wanted a perfect example of elitism, radical leftism and how these people are truly fascist tyrants look no more than to Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski. She had a meltdown over Pres Trump’s recent tweets that took a shot at her Deliverance Banjo Boy looking husband, Joe Scarborough, over a dead intern!


What Mika leaves out is the questionable death of Joe’s fmr Congressional intern Lori Klausutis. You might remember he joked about having sex with and killing her on Imus…


That must’ve got the President’s attention as well as many of us, since Joe did in fact quietly leave Congress 48 days later. And this tweet is also interesting on Klausutis’ cause of death..

No one faints and hits their head with that much force unless it’s from a high height or some kind of outside influence.

IMO this is a cold case that should be reopened, if Deliverance Boy has nothing to hide he would support it.

Back to Mika, the fact this DEMON has Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s owner, on speed dial demanding the President of the United States to be banned over posting his opinion should scare the hell out of people.

Who are these people that can just reach out to a Big Tech owner making requests to ban people?! That in itself also shows these social media companies are out of control with their TOS policies. They’re setting things up at this point to kick people off, well conservatives and/or anyone who isn’t carrying waters for the Left, for invoking their First Amendment rights. “It’s a private company they can do what they want,” true, BUT so is TV and Radio who both got quite influential in American politics and social issues where govt had to step-in with oversight. It’s the same difference with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a few others. They are the central hubs people are using for entertainment and information in this modern age just like TV and Radio but this time around they’re controlling the flow of information, removing anyone who offers dissenting opinion.

Mika is the poster child for the tyrannical Left. They’re on a seek and destroy mission against anyone who crosses them and they don’t care who it is. Remember they went after Gen Flynn and Pres Trump, which means there’s nothing stopping them from destroying you!