Gov DeSantis Went Scorched Earth on the Media Over COVID-19 Coverage!


This was glorious to watch as Gov Ron DeSantis went scorched Earth on the media over their deceptive partisan “reporting” over his handling of the virus vs other governors.

The ChiCom sympathizers accused him of getting people sick and dead, he didn’t care, blood would be on his hands the typical end of the world nonsense the UNHINGED VIOLENT LEFT spews that never happens. But finally they gotten taken to the woodshed for their LIES by one of a few governors who had a handle on this unlike Killer Cuomo, Murderous Murphy, Wick Whitmer etc.

When this is all over a lot of people are going to owe some big apologies, but we know they won’t. They’re spineless propagandists who will pretend nothing happened and move on like they do from all the lies they’ve been pushing. Case in point Russia Russia Russia hoax, now that info is being declassified the truth is out how the Deep State told the truth there was nothing there under oath behind closed doors yet they went on air saying complete opposite because they knew these SOB’s in the media would run on every word.

The media is beyond corrupt, somehow someway they must be held accountable for the damage they’ve done to this country.