Biden Admitted He’s Corrupt!


‘I’m not sure you should assume I’m not corrupt.’

Joe Biden since the beginning of his political career to this day has always run his mouth without fear of any repercussions no matter how blunt he is. Because people have foolishly fallen for his empty promises, he is fearless to lie with impunity or in this case from 1974 admit he’s corrupt!

Biden is probably one of if not the most corrupt politician in US history. This nonsense with him and his son Hunter and their billion dollar Ukraine deal alone is proof. He has done nothing to help America during his time in govt. He has rode others coattails and profited, made countless racist remarks and sided with our enemies at every opportunity. Remember had obama listened to him bin Laden would still be alive!

Also, anyone labeling Biden as a “blue collar,” “lunch box Joe” is a lying liar. Better yet demand they cite the blue collar job he held, because fact is this clown defines career politician since the age of 29.

Any vote for Joe is a vote for more violence we’re seeing in the streets. Ceding US economic power to China, as well as political power to our enemies and the useless UN. Everything you hate about govt IS Joe Biden, and now he serves as nothing but a Trojan Horse for the radical communist wing of the democrat party controlled by Sanders, Warren, AOC etc.