Biden Will Shut Country Down to Stop COVID From Spreading


‘I would shut it down. I would listen to the scientists.’

That’s right Dementia Joe wouldn’t think twice about shutting the US down if scientists advised him, who have been wrong A LOT, to stop the spread of covid. The US has suffered as it is, with unemployment skyrocketing, businesses closing up permanently (when tyrants mayors and governors aren’t trying to put them out of business) substance abuse rising at an alarmed rate along with suicide by young and old.

It’s the FLU people, a highly contagious but no more lethal than the seasonal flu to relatively healthy people (99.99% survival rate)! Speaking of which, we’re quickly coming up on the cold and flu season, what they hell are the Branch Covidians going to do when more people are sick from the cold and flu than covid? Biden is delusional thinking under his admin they’ll get the bug under control. How are you going to do that, when we’ve had these bugs with us for generations?

The US is taking the biggest hit because we have been prevented from allowing nature to take its course with herd immunity! The democrats and medical state are directly responsible for all the bs going on. They don’t care about the damage being done so long as it gets Biden elected.

If Joe and KAMMY do win, you should expect the covid hoax to continue. It has opened the doorway to a new path of power and control in the name of public safety. What you’re seeing in democrat strongholds will be mandated and then made it national law; masks everywhere, social distancing, school closures, gyms shutdown, restaurant will only be permitted 25% occupancy if not completely eliminated, like NYC’s DeBlasio has suggested ‘No plan for indoor dining at all here in NYC.’

To those on the fence is this what you want? Is Orange Man this bad that you would prefer a Police State over a bug EVERYONE WILL GET AND SURVIVE? Those considering voting third party or not at all, you might as well vote for Joe. OR people can wise up vote for Donald Trump and send him the reinforcements he needs in Congress to stop this insanity!.