Biden Supporters Attacked 7 yo Boy Outside DNC Convention


What was it? What was the heinous act this 7 yo Boy committed to give these unhinged violent democrat/ Biden voters the justification to attack him??

He was showing his support for the President wearing a Trump hat!

These monsters have proven they will attack anyone regardless of sex or age. You cross or “offend” them they will attack and destroy you. These two “women” had NO RIGHT to destroy this woman and her son’s signs, nor steal his hat. THIS should be the final nail in the coffin of Biden’s campaign, because these people will be emboldened should he and the democrat party take Washington this Nov. Anyone who votes for Joe and KAMMY is voting for to empower monsters like these two.

America you better start standing up to these people. Taking a step back, turning the other cheek, being nice DOES NOT WORK. If Christ himself stood before these monsters they would tell him to shut up, GTFO or even try getting physical with him.

Is it registering yet how important this election is, that our safety, our lives depends on it? Let’s see how long it takes for the Biden camp to respond… or better yet the MSM to condemn the kid!

Vote Trump & GOP or prepare to be at these people’s mercy.