Democrats Marching Through Oakland Chant “Death to America”


How much more evidence do people need to see the democrats hate America? Joe Biden and the political elites of the democrat party in DC are vowing to fundamentally change the country while their supporters are marching through Oakland, and other parts of the US no doubt, chanting “death to America.”

They’re making it clear the violence across the US and the takeover of the White House and Congress is their revolution – a violent one at that too!

This chant should sound familiar too, it’s what America’s enemies say. That said what is the difference between these dems and ISIS, al Qaeda, or Iranian regime? They destroy statues, want to silence their opposition, rule with an iron fist, hate capitalism and freedom, use violence and intimidation to get people to submit with them and chant “death to America.”

The violence will not stop after the election regardless of who wins. If HARRIS/biden wins the monsters on the street will see it as a green light from voters what they’re doing is okay. Every city will look like Portland, for sure with no end in sight until YOU submit. If Trump wins they’ll definitely continuing rioting, looting and shooting people BUT Trump victory will be confirmation the People have had enough where law and order will be restored.

Vote Trump and GOP for peace and prosperity or HARRIS/biden for lawlessness and wrecked economy.

Yes this site has changed some of the language it uses when describing the unhinged violent mobs.

For the record the people tearing US cities apart: rioting, looting, committing arson, assault, rape, murder etc ARE NOT republicans let alone Trump supporters. There are multiple groups participating from BLM, antifa, Black Bloc, Communist Revolutionaries etc, who are supported by “moderate” democrats Hollywood, media, pundits and politicians you can bet your last $1 hate the GOP and President, who all vote democrat. So instead of listing a long train of names this site just call them what they are: DEMOCRATS.