Dems Call for ‘Revolution’ to ‘Rip Trump Out of That Office’


“Peaceful” democrat voters (BLM) marched through Washington DC, chanting among other things ‘If we don’t get it, burn it down,’ ‘No Justice No Peace’

…and doing there thing at the BLM plaza.

Many took to the mic ranting and raving including John Sullivan, an “organizer” from UT representing Insurgents USA, who made no qualms as to the dems intentions as he threatened to ‘f*cking rip trump out of that office’ getting fellow dems to say ‘it’s time for a revolution’.

[Language Warning]

That crowd of dems cheering and chanting with her is proof they all support this violent rhetoric. These are dangerous people, start treating them as such!

A revolution is exactly what you’re witnessing. People have this image in their heads of how they think things will play out, where if it doesn’t they assume we’ve dodged a bullet. That’s not so, there will be NO “shock and awe”/decisive moment where you’ll know.. it’s happening right now. If people don’t wise up they’re going to wake up one day wondering what the hell happened, why didn’t anyone say or do something to stop this.

You’re being warned right now. Every single video this site and countless others post are the warnings. This election truly is the most important of our time. If HARRIS/biden wins it will be a green light for these domestic terrorists. Trump wins it’s a msg the country has had enough law and order will be restored. People need to get active politically rallying as many as possible to vote for Trump and the GOP, while also preparing for the worst – hoping for the best.