BUSTED! Biden Getting Help From Media Using Script in Telemundo Interview

Joe Biden is incapable of speaking off the cuff. We’ve seen one example after another that he is mentally incapacitated, confusing where he is, who is talking to or about. We have seen videos of him asking to move his lines on the teleprompter up, and here is more proof during an interview with Telemundo who Joe is getting help from!!

Pay close attention when he speaks with Jose Diaz-Balart he’s looking right at him, then he turns to the left to “watch” a video where a viewer asks a question. That image on the screen, we see over his shoulder, is not real, the video of the girl was edited in post-production, the audio and translation are real but what’s really on that screen is Biden’s response! It’s simple Picture-In-Picture feature every studio to amateur vid producers, including yours truly, can use in video editing software.

As Biden answers he’s not looking at Jorge, he is looking to his left at the monitor set up to fool viewers as if he is addressing the girl, BUT he messes up and says ‘okay I lost that line’ as his eyes open wide, like any of us would reading something and losing our place! ‘Line’ as in the line on the prompter with his answer he just read off!

This is wrong, and now we know why the media isn’t complaining from the lack of interviews or taking questions after he gives a speech. They have to be in on it like Telemundo obviously is, or be on a predetermined list!

C’mon America even you Blue Blood democrats, you can’t be this gullible? Joe Biden is nothing but a puppet for the DNC and whomever is behind the scenes pulling his strings, who are so scared they won’t even produce a list of his potential SCOTUS nominees.

Vote Trump/Pence otherwise HARRIS/biden will be running a propaganda machine around you like you won’t believe while they halt deportations and open the borders to illegals!