Ginsburg and Biden in 2016: President Has Constitutional Right to Fill SCOTUS Vacancy Before Election

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Joe Biden in 2016 in their own words made the argument the President and Senate have the legal Constitutional right to move forward to fill the SCOTUS vacancy before the election. Oddly none of that seems to matter to the democrats now, they hate that videos like these are being dug up using their own words to support Pres Trump.. kinda makes their hopes of impeaching him for following the law hard!

There is time to fill the vacancy, and it must be done ASAP knowing the chaos democrats will cause with this election. If you don’t know, democrats are now pushing, and have already got rulings in their favor, that ballots cane be mailed in AFTER the election, in some cases up to 6 days later!

Yea so the election doesn’t go the way they want, so print out some more ballots and mail them in to change the results and YOU’LL ACCEPT THE END RESULT!

This is how stupid and obedient the democrats think you are, knowing right now they intend to challenge the results and steal this election.

The only way to beat them is to vote in-person casting more votes for Trump than what obama got in 2008, which means at least 70M of you are going to have to vote for Trump and the GOP for that matter! The ball is in your court to make sure any attempt democrats make to steal this election futile. Get as many people as you know out to the polls Nov 3rd, because the dems are going to be running their ballot printing press day and night!