Schumer Threatens ‘Everything Is On The Table’ If Dems Get Power


Trump Derangement Syndrome among the democrats is at critical levels now as they are no longer hiding their true plans to finish off the United States. Senate Minority Ldr Chuck Schumer issued a threat during a presser on the SCOTUS vacancy that ‘Everything [radical policies] is on the table’ where the dems will

– Abolish the Filibuster
Not mentioned here but they’ve expressed desire to:
– Stack the courts with radical political activist judges who don’t believe in the US Constitution
– Add Puerto Rico and DC as the 51st and 52nd States in order to create four new Senate seats
– Grant amnesty to 10-20 million illegal aliens with full voting rights (Biden is on record promising this)
– Make gun ownership impossible either banning weapons or creating taxes, “fees” insurance requirements etc
…more or less to “California” the entire country as this site has been warning for years is the main objective where there will be permanent one party rule.

Is this enough incentive for those on the fence, and the few remaining sane/old school Blue Blood democrats to vote Trump/Pence? Imagine the first 2 years of obama’s first term on steroids. Dems, being the vindictive bastards they are, will bulldozer over this country, again like they have in CA, where republicans have no say/voice and you see how that’s worked out!