Biden Threatens President Trump Following Constitution Will Be “Fatal” For America


Joe Biden and the democrats are coming unglued because Donald Trump is following the US Constitution. They want you to think there are rules, even laws that prevent him from doing his job, when in reality it’s something they made up. There are no laws stopping the President filling a Supreme Court vacancy, let alone doing so before an election. Regardless Biden is now threatening Trump that doing his job’ which Biden calls an ‘infection’, ‘will cause irreversible damage’ and is ‘fatal’ to our democracy.

Yes, you heard right Biden said that Trump following the law, which is what he has been doing since he got elected, is the equivalent of unleashing a infection on the US! Democrats HATE the US Constitution while under the same breath they claim to be its defenders. Only democrats would consider enforcing the Constitution as an infection and fatal act against this country!

The only reason filling the vacancy will be fatal is because Biden and his party are dangerously unhinged, more than willing to destroy this country faster and out in the open than they have been doing in the past. We have Pelosi being open to impeaching Trump and AG Barr for following the Constitution to fill the SCOTUS vacancy, while countless other democrats are vowing to stack the Supreme Court when they take over in 2021 with radical judges… political activists like RBG, and of course their supporters are threatening more violence than what we’re already seeing from them coast-to-coast.

obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland was a problem because he was TERMED OUT. This is the only time the argument democrats are making now would matter. But if it had happened at the end of his first term before the 2012 election then it would be his right as it is Trump’s now.

Most people are not hearing the rationale, behind this appointment because the media, celebs and democrats are filling the airwaves with lies about process. Fact is under Article II Section II Clause II there is NOTHING stopping Trump from filling this opening AND for the record it is NOT RBG’s/democrat’s seat to fill. It is the people’s seat, and they already chose a President to fill it!

Thankfully the democrats are showing how dangerous they are over this, hopefully voters will wise up and see a vote for Trump is the right choice this Nov. Or, they can choose Biden and this chaos we’re in will continue and intensify!