Biden Uses a List of Reporters Selected by His Handlers to Take Questions


Joe Biden talks tough but is so feeble his handlers have to prepare a list of selected reporters to ask him questions… and they’re always asking softball questions! Also look close when he holds the paper up the light hits it just right so you can see it’s not only a list but apparently a seating chart so he knows where to look!

Biden is incapable of handling questions under pressure, he screws up routinely when he has a script in front of him as it is. While we hear he can’t wait to debate Trump many still question if he will show up or try to get out of an in-person debate.

Under no circumstances should Pres Trump agree to a Zoom/teleconference style debate either, as it’s clear from recent interviews Biden will cheat with a teleprompter as his staff feeds him answers. This will be the most important and contentious election of our time.

Voting for Trump is a vote not only against Biden, but the radicals in the democrat party, the media, Hollywood, radicalized athletes, their brownshirts tearing the country up and RINO’s! Not only is Trump, but we are all, in the biggest political fight of our lives with this country’s future on the line.