Pelosi Calls Historic Middle East Peace Agreement, ‘A Distraction’


Historic peace agreements are being made in the age of Trump, not during the obama reign of terror, nor Bush, Clinton or other Presidents. But to Nancy Pelosi, who is third in line for the presidency, these peace agreements in the middle east, among nations who have been fighting long before any of us existed, it’s all ‘a distraction’! The witch carried on about the covid, which we all know now is total nonsense, a virus that was weaponized to bypass the rule of law for massive power grabs and control over us in the name of “public safety”.

It’s not just RINO republicans but democrats are warhawks too! They don’t want peace, war means big business and lots of kickbacks from government awarded contracts. To complicate matters democrats care more about the Palestinians who HATE the Jews than seeing peace in the middle east. Trump IS making the world much safer and that means everything this old hag and her ilk have been doing and saying was a load of horse shit. Peace is possible if you want it, dems don’t because it keeps them (and RINO’s) in power and wealthy.

We will ALL get covid, just like we all get the flu and other bugs floating around. And like the seasonal flu, some people will get covid quite bad becoming a life and death matter. Pelosi’s rhetoric is because she’s upset that Trump is doing what no other elected official has done so she must pivot from middle east peace and rant about a virus with a 99.99% survival rate.

You want to drop an anvil on Pelosi? Then get out and vote in mass Nov 3rd for Trump/Pence and the GOP down the ballot. Send that witch and her America hating ilk packing, take their power away. If not we will NOT see peace agreements like this continue under a HARRIS/biden regime, instead we will see war!