Biden and Harris Let the Truth Slip: HARRIS-Biden Administration

For many weeks, since KAMMY Harris was named Joe Biden’s running mate, this site has referred to the two as “HARRIS/biden” ticket, well it’s apparently official because in less than 24 hours both Joe and KAMMY had Freudian slips saying as much!

Ever since dementia Joe became the DNC nominee this site has been adamant whomever he chooses for his VP will be the de facto dem party presidential candidate, and if elected “she” would invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Joe if he doesn’t resign in his first term.

Maybe we’re all reading too much into this Freudian slip, but Joe clearly is not well mentally. He has screwed up repeatedly doing interviews from the comfort of his own home. He has had scripts in front of him, for just about everything including when he called KAMMY letting her know she is his VP pick.

And just today he had a script in front of him where confused Iran with Iraq!

Be concerned, be very concerned if these two actually pull off a win in Nov, legit or stolen (many beleive latter will happen between the mail-in ballots and other nonsense dems pull every election). KAMMY is dangerous, a hardcore Leftist radical who despises the US Constitution and will destroy this country by being a tool for the extremsists now running the democrat party. Just ask anyone, especially gun owners, who lived in CA when she was Attorney General. Democrats call Trump a fascist, but KAMMY really is one!

This can all be avoided by voting IN-PERSON for Trump/Pence and the GOP down the ballot and completely blowing out the democrats where they have no chance of challenging any of the results. There should be NO races too close to call, if there are it will open the door for HARRIS/biden to cheat their way into the White House.

49 Days for you to take a stand and stop these radicals.