Oregon Woman Detains Suspected Arsonist At Gunpoint


In Joe Biden’s America a law-abiding citizen like this woman in OR won’t be able to hold invoke a citizens arrest to hold a suspected criminal/ arsonist at gunpoint, and instead could be watching her property burn. Not much is known but this woman caught this democrat voter on her property with matches in hand, amid all the “wildfires”in the state that ARE NOT acts of nature let alone the result of “climate change”.

This is what things are coming to because the police/sheriffs are stretched thin dealing with fires and violence by unhinged democrat voters. None of this is an accident, it’s all part of plan that we were warned about in January. Covid screwed things for whatever was planned to start with the conventions, but make no mistake the looting, riots, arson are all part of a larger plan.

Buy guns and ammo while you still can.