Biden Accuses Pres Trump of Being a “Climate Arsonist”


Joe Biden has been in office for 47+ years, and in that time this country has experienced a lot of ups and downs. Donald Trump has only been in office for 3.75 years, yet somehow according to Biden if Trump gets a second term the “record floods, fires and hurricanes will continue because he is a denier and in fact a “climate arsonist”!

Joe was VP under obama who beleived in climate change why didn’t the two of them do anything about this alleged crisis during the EIGHT years they were in power? And with regards to the fires, how is it they only affect parts of the country under democrat control with terrible land conservation policies? I mean isn’t it amazing how the fires blazing right now stop right at the international border between the US Canada and Mexico!?!

And do we want to talk about the DEMOCRAT VOTERS who are setting those fires?!

Didn’t that fraud Al Gore practucally jump up and down that many major US coastal cities would be under water by now? The flooding, hurricanes and other events are part of the WEATHER. Why are hurricanes now considered major crisis, they’ve been happening since the beginning of time. How much rain or snow is supposed to fall? These climate change experts are never asked that while they go off about record heat, rain, snow, wind or whatever storm – well what should it be on such and such day during whatever time of the year?

This old kook… the people pulling this old kooks strings are really desperate with this divisive fearmongering rhetoric. It’s no different from the nonesense they spew on any topic be it race, energy, guns etc. They create a crisis and point the finger of blame at those who don’t buy into it.

Climate change IS A HOAX – man does not have the power to alter the planets climate. This is all just a ploy to get votes and open the door for AOC’s Green New Deal which will destroy the US economy.