Dem Voters Celebrate and Block Hospital Entrance After Fellow Dem Ambushed 2 Sheriff Deputies


A DEMOCRAT VOTER ambushed 2 LA County Sheriff Deputies in Compton, both sustaining multiple injuries including to their heads. The media, democrat party officials as well as Joe Biden and KAMMY Harris have not condemned this recent attack continuing to remain silent since the start of this planned uprising, we were all warned about in JANUARY! To make matters worse dem voters felt compelled to go to the St Francis Med Ctr, where the deputies are being treating, attempting to breach the hospital while also celebrating the attack and continue making threats against law enforcement.

[For those new to this site BLM, Antifa, Black Bloc, Bernie Bros and all the other identifiers are no longer used here because these people carrying out the violence will NEVER vote for a republican let alone Donald Trump, they are all DEMOCRAT VOTERS.]

“NEW: Here is a thread of videos from protesters who recorded themselves going to the hospital where the ambushed LASD deputies are being treated and shouting ‘we hope that bitch dies’, ‘oink, oink’ and ‘y’all gonna die one by one.'” ~ Bill Melugin

Full Twitter thread

“Two Sheriff Deputies shot in Los Angeles County, protestors blocking the emergency room entrance chanting “we hope they die.”
Just more “peaceful” protesting?
” ~ Rep Scalise

“Just remember that the people saying “WE HOPE THEY DIE” are voting for JOE BIDEN!” ~ Dean Browning

Every election cycle #Democrats and their #Antifa and #BLM funded agitators gin up hatred of the police to get votes. Why? Because they have no other platform. Only hate and misery. And every season good cops die so some worthless Democrat can have power. ~ James Woods

This country is in a VERY WARM civil war. The leaders in the democrat party are showing no signs of backing off with their inflammatory rhetoric which is fuel to their violent supporters in America’s streets. Anyone who supports the black lives matter or any of the other domestic terrorist groups under the democrat party tent has blood on their hands at this point. We NEVER saw anything even remotely close to this from the TEA Party or any conservative group during obama’s reign of terror, yet they were deemed domestic terrorists. Well, if what the TEA Party did years ago is domestic terrorism, then what do you call what these democrats are doing now? It’s outright war isn’t it?

America you must decide in 51 days which direction you want this country to go.
A vote for HARRIS/biden is a vote for violence, socialism destruction of America as we know it.
A vote for Trump/Pence is a vote for law and order, capitalism, preservation of freedom.

The violence isn’t going to stop after the election, bank on that, but how it’s handled will matter depending on who wins the election. A vote for Joe will tell those ambushing police the electorate is okay with what they’re doing, which means get used to scenes like this and being harassed when you walk out the door. A vote for Trump will send a clear message Americans are tired of being terrorized and it’s time to put down this violent uprising.

The fate of the country is in your hands, now choose a side.