Wildfires Are NOT From Climate Change, They’re ARSON!


Many of the wilfdires in the West are not the result of “Climate Change”, or that ‘Mother Nature is angry with us’… they’re clear acts of arson! YES, there are instances of accidental ignition like in CA where a pyrotechic device for a gender reveal party is being blamed for the cause of the El Dorado fire. Wildfires have started also because of issues with power lines, or spontaneous combustion igniting the massive oversupply of fuel (dead trees, brush overgrowth etc) due to poor democrat lead conservation policies. BUT, evidence showing up where some fires are due to arson AND we know who is starting them…


“Suspicious Vehicle (Subaru) With Texas Plates Throwing Molotov Cocktails.”

Sheriff: Springfield man tried to start fire at Dexter frisbee golf course this week
Man accused of setting fires near Oregon homes during the Almeda Fire
Washington Serial Arsonist With Long Record Arrested for Starting Fires While Crews Worked to Fix Fallen Power Lines


Many months ago a Bernie Bro (Kyle Jurek) aka DEMOCRAT VOTER was caught on hidden camera vowing to burn cities if Bernie Sanders did not get the nomination and win the election. “If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination or it goes to a second round at the DNC Convention, f*cking Milwaukee will burn… The cops are going to be the ones that are getting f*cking beaten in Milwaukee.” PV undercover operative asks what happens “if Trump gets reelected?” Jurek responds, “F*cking cities burn…. Yeah. I mean, we don’t have a lot of time left, we have save f*cking human civilization”

The China Virus clearly threw a monkey wrench in a lot of plans with the cancellation of DNC and RNC conventions, and other events but that didn’t stop them from moving forward with what they have planned out for America. The riots that started over George Floyd to date have been coordinated, well planned out and funded – there is no doubt. These fires until proven otherwise are part of that original plan we were told was going to happen back in January!