Dem Voter Assaulted Attendees, Including 2 Elderly Women, at Trump Rally


The hits just keep coming from unhinged violent democrat voters. Alvin Shaw did not approve of the pro-Trump rally in Aliso Viejo, CA where he harassed, insulted and assaulted 3… T H R E E women before a retired deputy sheriff pulled his weapon to him.

And why did Shaw launch a physical attack? WHY NOT! He and other democrat voters have been emboldened by the media, celebrities and elected dem officials, who have encouraged “peaceful protests” while bending over backwards not to condemn the violence being carried out by their supporters.

None of this is going to stop after the election, regardless of who wins.
If Trump wins the violence will of course continue and intensify because Orange Man Bad
If HARRIS/biden wins monsters like Shaw will interpret the win as voter approval of everything the monsters have done, otherwise Trump would have won.

The difference is how these SOB’s will be handled be the next admin:
Trump/Pence – law and order will be enforced, many will be treated and tried for sedition to domestic terrorism
HARRIS/biden – more shoulder shrugging, denial, encouragement in some cases to finger pointing at the victims, namely you, for instigating and not submitting to the democrat party’s will.

Voting Trump/Pence and the GOP is the safer bet in the long run, or you can take your chances and hope the violence will stop even though they’ve give no indication it will after they get what they want.