Obama in 2016 Made the Case For Trump to Appoint Ginsburg’s Successor!


The democrats are losing their minds since news broke of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing. The armchair experts are coming out of the woodwork along with pundits on both sides with their interpretation of what is supposed to happen. Well, as you know fmr pres obama has been hailed by the Left as a Constitutional scholar and he makes it clear the President has a right to fill the SCOTUS opening!

“But, but, but the McConnell Rule!”
Whelp #1 the McConnell Rule is not federal law, it’s nowhere in the US Constitution and was actually based on the Biden Rule!
#2 It more or less says when opposing political parties occupy the Oval Office and Senate there will be no SCOTUS confirmation. Now with regards to 2016 there was an additional issue, we had a President who, PAY ATTENTION write this down or whatever, was TERMED OUT! It was wrong for obama who was DONE being President to appoint Scalia’s successor in election year when he was on his way out. The literal NEW President should have that right. Yours truly actually argued that the right to appoint Scalia’s successor was Trump or Hillary’s right NOT obama’s because he was DONE! Got It?

This is something NO ONE in the media is spelling out. Now if it was before the election and obama was in his first term then as much as we would’ve hated it, it would’ve been his right to appoint! Good luck getting dems to see it this way, right now they’re spewing lies and conflating a TERMED OUT President to an Incumbent, which is what Trump is.

The democrats are screaming that the “new president” should be the one to choose Ginsburg’s successor. Two things here, first they’re NOT saying Biden, and second they’re quite confident there will be a new president! This should scare the hell out of every single voter knowing what we know now with regards to the dems attempts to manipulate, cheat and steal this election. As we speak MILLIONS of unsolicited mail-in ballots are being printed out. Dems, especially Hillary Clinton, have made it clear, they’re going to challenge the election results – in other words they’re going to do everything possible to win.

Knowing this election will end up being battled in the courts, we cannot have 4-4 SCOTUS. Also this would NOT be the first time a SCOTUS appointment is made before the election, it’s happened several times so don’t fall for the Left’s propaganda, they’re in insane panic mode now.

The President as obama clearly stated has a right to appoint a Justice to SCOTUS. There are NO LAWS on the books stopping an incumbent President from doing so before an election. Anyone who says otherwise or cites the McConnell Biden Rule as the reason why is a lying liar preying on uneducated/ uninformed people, playing with their emotions.

SCOTUS appointments were one of the key reasons Donald Trump won in 2016 and you’re now seeing why he must again in 2020 as the Left has gone insane. Dems also run to these 9 unelected bureaucrats when they can’t get their way on an issue. The court needs to be revamped because both sides have weaponized it, and if anything THEY should have Term Limits.