Pelosi: ‘Confident’ Biden Will Be Elected President

Nancy Pelosi is quite confident Biden will win and she should be since her party is doing everything possible to steal the election through mail-in ballots, where in some cases multiples are being sent out to the same household, not to mention ballots being sent out to dead people. Between that illegals and Mickey Mouse voting like they always do it’s no wonder she’s ‘confident’. Then there are the hundreds of lawyers dems have employed to challenge every close race who will take their case to liberal judges, and we know how that will plat out.

No one has dismantled the postal system, its still working like it always has, at a loss. Old mail boxes being replaced or removed from areas they weren’t being used is not “dismantling”. The monster continues to lie unchallenged by her party’s media lapdogs who are creating a narrative Biden has this locked, and IF Trump wins they will scream bloody murder claiming mail tampering, voter intimidation/ suppression and all kinds of nonsense that will dwarf the 2000 Bush v Gore election.

This isn’t just Trump v Biden, it’s Trump v Biden, Pelosi, DNC, media, communists, China, Russia, Hollywood, Professional sports etc. No disrespect to the 101st, but Trump the GOP and conservatives are surrounded like American soldiers during the Battle of the Bulge. The dems can be beaten like the Germans but it means YOU have to vote IN PERSON bringing as many people as you know to vote AND converting as many people as you know on the fence to Vote Red Nov 3.

This is it people, if you’re tired of this old witch then get out and vote!