DOJ Confirms FBI Opened Criminal Probe Into ‘Hunter Biden and His Assocs’


Has the Biden camp called a lid for tomorrow? They should after this report from Sinclair’s James Rosen, where he reports a DOJ official confirmed there is an ongoing criminal investigation since 2019 on ‘Hunter Biden and his associates.’ over claims of money laundering! Rosen also reports Tony Bobulinski was interviewed for 5 hours by the FBI as a ‘material witness.’


You will not see any of this on the democrat party controlled news media as they’re doing everything possible to protect the Biden Crime Family. The media’s silence and dismissal of this scandal makes them complicit with the Biden’s criminal activity too.

Party above the rule of law and country.

And let’s be clear this is NOT about Hunter, it’s about how his father USED HIM to enrich the family, now resulting in in a criminal investigation. Will dad allow his son go to jail for his sins?

You must share this out with as many people as possible getting it in front of undecided voters. Many have no clue what’s going on where stories like this and Bobulinski’s one hour interview on Tucker Carlson.

If Trump and republicans are not elected next week there will be NO accountability with this and all the other criminal acts uncovered over the last 3+ years. The Biden’s, Deep State operatives, media and corrupt politicians will get away with everything they’ve done. While the Atty Gen has been weak to date, this site strongly believes that will change starting Wednesday, January 20
2021 where there will most likely be an event, or series of events that will dwarf 10/20/73. (Don’t want to jinx it by spelling it out) If you want to see the swamp drained and filled in with cement re-elect Donald Trump, Mike Pence and the GOP.