Whistleblower: Biden Is Compromised By The Chinese (FULL Interview)


This is one of if not the most devastating interviews you will see. The Biden campaign should be done after what what Fmr Navy Lt Tony Bobulinski tells Tucker Carlson, but we all know the corrupt democrat party controlled news and social media will do everything in their power to suppress people from seeing this video.

Not much to say other than anger and disgust for the DC machine that has created an environment where a fmr Senator, then sitting Vice President could set up this kind of money making machine for his family, while also selling out this country. Even worse is everything you will hear of what the Biden’s DID Pres Trump and his family were accused of doing, to the point democrats tried to remove Trump from office along with attempts of criminal prosecution against him and his son Don Jr.

You need to take this video and get it to anyone who is still on the fence… even if you have to sit there and watch with them DO IT.

Everyone needs to understand Hunter Biden IS NOT the bad guy in any of this, HIS FATHER IS. Joe Biden is compromised, the Chinese OWN him (and it sounds like the Russians as well), he is a national security threat ineligible to be president.

You’re all now seeing WHY obama said ‘you don’t have to do this[run for President] Joe,’ he knew/knows everything.

If by some freak act of nature Joe and KAMMY win the election it should be abundantly clear the dems STOLE it from Trump AND WE SHOULD NOT TAKE IT SITTING DOWN. Also democrat’s only play now (aside from boldly attempting to steal the election) is to write off Joe and push to win the House and Senate, and then move quickly to impeach and remove Trump from office.

Atty Gen Bill Barr better take action by end of the week or people need to call for his IMMEDIATE resignation.

Lastly, until proven otherwise Adam Schiff IS a Russian & Chinese asset.