Senate GOP Take Big Tech CEO’s to the Woodshed


The Senate finally held their Big Tech hearing where several republicans took CEO’s Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) to the woodshed over their blatant censorship of conservatives, which are also acts of election interference.

The most fiery encounter occurred between Dorsey and Sen Cruz…

Twitter’s attorneys told Dorsey to use that “hacked materials” excuse.. it’s thin and total bs because they have allowed stories against Trump which are total bs to go viral.

Sen Johnson more or less got Dorsey and Zuckerberg to admit they censored content with no proof of it being false or Russia disinformation

Both were asked again by Sen Wicker admitting they had no information Russia was a source yet they acted like it was by censoring the story, suspending users accounts…

Sen Blackburn schooled Dorsey for claiming they never censored Pres Trump and give free reign to Irans dictator..

Sen Lee had his moment calling the FASCISTS out to name any high profile liberal they’ve censored where none could name any off the top of their head..

It’s absolutely clear these companies are engaged in activity to influence voters away from supporting Pres Trump and the GOP. They’re engaged in election interference as well as violating campaign finance law via donations in kind through the suppression of stories and suspension of accounts.

They need to have their Section 230 protections pulled, since regulation will open pandoras box to go after everyone who “publishes” online.

That being said these CEO’s are not to blame! You can blame the wealthy Right for never investing/ donating a cent to any competing platform. They REFUSES to help those on front lines only offering pats on back and well wishes while the Left donates and invests in everything = putting their money where their mouth is. The wealthy Right allow these companies to hold a monopoly by not opening up their checkbooks while at the same time bitching about the power grab over free speech.

The Senate GOP can only do so much since dems control the House. You can change that and this hold Big Tech has by electing republicans and Pres Trump next week, otherwise dems will be deciding what you can and cant see, read and hear online.