WARNING! Democrat Operatives Are Plotting Post-Election Mass Violence


This is not conjecture or conspiracy, see and hear them for yourself, all the groups and individuals we’ve been watching over the years causing chaos in America are now coordinating and plotting a post-election coup/ mass violence Nov 4th to inauguration day to force Pres Trump out. They plan to target federal and police buildings, ‘shut down the White House,’ map out access points etc working with members of Congress!!

One of the ringleaders who should look familiar is Lisa Fithian, who has been around for years from the days of Occupy and beyond causing trouble can be heard clearly saying, ‘We are going to be in a crisis, but we want it to be one we are creating… Whoever’s got the guns can win… Let’s take over the buildings, if there are people willing to do that we should support them… Get ready to shut your city down on the 4th or the 5th.’

Surely federal agencies are onto these monsters but let’s be honest the DOJ/FBI has a very bad batting avg as of late. Do not rely on these people to protect you.

What you need to get from this is to be ready. The riots since June to date are warm-ups for larger attacks. Know your surroundings, have escape routes planned if wherever you’re going is cut off. Stay out of the cities and locations where people generally gather if you don’t have to be there. Get in and out of wherever you have to go, and take care of your business expeditiously. If you can legally carry a weapon you better have it with you, no excuses.