Harris to TX Voters: Joe and I Will Get Rid of Trump Tax Cuts


The Trump Tax Cut bill is why American’s take home pay is higher now than it’s been vs other admins. KAMMY is telling these people she and Joe’s ‘first order of business,’ will be to get rid of those tax cuts = taking money out of their, all of our, pockets!

Rich people, 1%r’s, Big Corporations create products, services and businesses that EMPLOY ALL OF US!

Voters cannot be this stupid and gullible, to support candidates proudly saying they’ll eliminate tax cuts and RAISE taxes! What she’s talking about here, we heard during the obama regime when taxes were higher how come all these things she lays out Joe will do he and obama didn’t do for 8 yrs? Because they couldn’t, it’s a fantasy based on wealth redistribution that never works it way back down to the little guy.

Conservatives and Trump supporters obviously get it, and many Rappers get it too who are voting Trump because they don’t want the govt to take their hard earned money. It’s YOUR money not the govt’s, but Harris, biden, Warren, Sanders, AOC et al think the money you EARN belongs to them and they should get as much of it as possible.

For the love of God do not fall for democrat’s lies. They’re banking on people not to do their homework to believe this bs about taxes. If you want to keep the money your earned, like speaking your mind online, right to carry a weapon to protect yourself you better vote for Trump and get as many people you know on the fence to vote for him too otherwise we’re all screwed.