Violent Democrats Attack Trump Supporter in Beverly Hills

Trump supporters coast-to-coast can never get a break to show their support for the President and USA from unhinged violent democrats, even in Beverly Hills, CA. Here we have several spineless democrat voters trying to take a Trump supporter’s flag away, who does strike back in self-defense, but…

… in typical fashion multiple democrats beat on the single Trump supporter because they cannot win a fight one-on-one.

Get used to scenes like this, they will be common daily occurrence if/when HARRIS/biden wins this election.

A democrat win will be a message to these violent individuals that voters are okay with what they’re doing. KAMMY herself said ‘They’re [riots] not gonna stop.. they’re not this is a movement I’m telling you – they’re not gonna stop and and everyone beware because they’re not gonna stop. It is gonna.. they’re not gonna stop before election day in November and they’re not gonna stop after election day. And that should be.. everyone should take note of that on both levels that this isn’t.. they’re not gonna let up, and they should not, and we should not.’


Regardless who wins this will continue, the difference will be in how they’re handled. Under HARRIS/biden, they’ll continue to turn a blind-eye, make blanket statements to “end the violence” but nothing will be done. If Trump/Pence wins, law and order will be restored, as it was in every instance where governors did their jobs sent in State Police, National Guard or allowed govt to step in.

This election couldn’t be anymore clear:
Vote for Joe = violence, chaos and lawlessness
Vote for Trump = law and order, peace