Must Listen: Blaze Host Warns 2020 Election Could Result in Civil War


The coup started in 2016 against Donald Trump never ended with the impeachment failure and all the items Blaze TV host Steve Deace lists in this clip. The democrats have managed to manipulate the US election system to oust Pres Trump from office. The evidence before this aired and after has been mounting of VIDEO footage NO facebook or Twitter “fact checkers” can deny, showing illegal and very shady activity at polling locations, all of course in democrat strongholds. They produce just enough votes to put Joe over but not enough to scream obvious cheating.

They dems are trying everything in their power to push this country to armed conflict as Deace argues AND this site has been warning about.

‘There are nefarious forces at work in this culture that want to remove all the norms. Why don’t we move all the institutions that our founders gave us so that we could have these brawls civilized in a civilized manner and then one side clearly won and one side clearly lost and if it was you on the losing end you went back and got them the best you could next time and it was on to be in America the next few years and we’ll fight it out again at the next election. These people want to undo this country, they’re deconstructionists, they’re stained glass window shatterers and they want to take all of this away so that the people who own all the guns, and your audience and mine feel as if they have no alternative therefore but to take the law into their own hands. We don’t have a political party that represents us, we don’t have a court system we can trust and that’s why so many people turn to somebody like Donald Trump to begin with is they thought with his money he was independent of the system that he would fight for us and now you look at what’s happening right now. Where’s Mitch McConnell? Still silent. Where’s Kevin McCarthy? Still silent. Where’s your where’s all your republican senators and congressmen? Silent, standing by like Pontius Pilate waiting for the democrat party to do the deed sitting at their grimy golem little hands back all over this poor pathetic excuse for a political party we keep bailing out to try to bail ourselves out because we know that if the republican party fails the last step we probably have is lock and load, and we don’t want to do that but these leftists they want us to they want that they want the end of the country and they’re trying to provoke the Bolsheviks versus the Mensheviks out in St Petersburg Square as we speak.’